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We’re a nonprofit that F.I.G.H.T’s

 Facilitate the exchange of medical information.

 Improve efficiency in patient care.

 Give patients confidence and control.

 Help identify barriers to better care.

 Transform healthcare.

“The TaketheFight Strategist becomes a member of the patient’s team in their treatment…through that support, they get better outcomes.”

Dr. Brian Lally, The Comprehensive Cancer Center at Wake Forest Baptist

We Serve

We help patients fight smarter by enabling them to equip their medical team in a more organized, more informed, and more efficient manner. Throughout the journey, the Strategist, patient and caregiver build a powerful narrative and friendship together, which they’ll carry with them forever.

During college, our Cancer Strategists fight alongside patients in an intensive experience, attending doctors’ appointments and treatments with patients, providing patients a “patient navigator.” Strategists become a part of the team and patients receive the support they need.

“It’s been very successful, both for the patient and the student. Everyone benefits…the doctors and nurses—we benefit from it as well.”

Dr. Glenn Lesser, The Comprehensive Cancer Center at Wake Forest Baptist

Hear it from a patient

“They want to make the world a better and different place.”

Dr. Brian Lally, The Comprehensive Cancer Center at Wake Forest Baptist

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OUR MISSION is to enable the world’s most promising future leaders to lead today.

Established 2012. We fight in loving memory of Co-Founders, J. Steve Warren and David Z. Warren.

We are deeply grateful to the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Wake Forest Baptist, who believed in us before it was cool.

©2016 Take the Fight, an aggressive 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Donations are tax deductible. EIN: 46-2037156

It’s not a charity. It’s an ARMY.™